Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get started?

    If you’re interested in getting started with EverQuote, the best place to start is by filling out this form on

    From there, one of our experienced team of EverQuote representatives will reach out to answer any questions. They can walk you through the sign-up process and help set your account up for success. We have teams working with both captive and independent agents every day. They will be happy to provide you with an estimate of the lead volume available in your territory and answer any questions you may have about how agents have grown their book of business with our support.

    Contact Us

    tel:  (844) 707-8800 
  2. How do EverQuote leads differ from standard internet leads?

    At EverQuote, quality is everything to us. We are dedicated to being the best lead provider – bar none. Here are just a few ways we differ from other lead providers and exceed the competition:

    • As America’s largest online insurance marketplace, EverQuote maintains strict quality standards on every single lead that we send to our partner agents. Every auto lead, for example, must complete extensive form questions before being considered a viable prospect. For EverQuote to send the prospect to an agent, the lead must match an agent’s specific risk filters, reside in one of their targeted zip-codes and they must submit their lead form during the agent’s designated available hours. If a lead does not meet all of these criteria it is not sent to an agent.
    • We limit distribution so that you never compete with more than 2 other agents. Competitors will often sell a lead to many different agents.
    • We only deliver leads in real-time. This means that when you receive a lead from EverQuote, you can be assured that the prospect requested a quote only seconds earlier. We never recycle our leads – period.
  3. How does EverQuote source their leads?

    Our leads come from two primary sources: (1) EverQuote's owned and operated online properties and (2) through our Verified Partner Network (VPN). Our VPN is comprised of 3rd party insurance shopping websites that deliver leads with the same strict EverQuote lead quality standards - (i.e. real-time and high intent insurance shoppers with known risk profiles.) The leads coming from our VPN are sold exclusively through EverQuote and to a maximum of three agents.

    As the largest online insurance marketplace in America, millions of consumers visit our owned and operated websites each month. These consumers reach our sites through a variety of channels; some consumers visit our websites directly, while others find us via search, social media, and other digital channels. However, EverQuote is not able to connect with every high intent insurance shopper via one of our owned and operated websites; other high intent shoppers visit insurance shopping websites via our Verified Partner Network. Once a shopper visits one of our VPN websites, they must complete a rigorous questionnaire and go through a qualification process very similar to the consumer experience on EverQuote owned and operated sites. This ensures that leads sourced through VPN meet EverQuote’s strict standards for quality before becoming eligible to be sent to an agent in real time.

    • How do I enroll in the Verified Partner Network?

      Select agents are automatically enrolled in our Verified Partner Network (VPN). If you have any questions about VPN or would like to be enrolled, or unenrolled, don’t hesitate to contact us at (844) 707-8800 to speak with EverQuote’s Customer Success team.

    • How do I know if I’m enrolled in the Verified Partner Network?

      Within EverQuote Pro, navigate to Settings -> Lead Types. Next to “Lead Sources”, those enrolled in VPN will see “EverQuote Verified Partner Network” listed as a lead source. If you have questions or concerns about your lead sources, you can call (844) 707-8800 to speak with EverQuote’s Customer Success team.

    • How does EverQuote select partners for the Verified Partner Network?

      Partners must go through EverQuote’s selection process to ensure they meet our strict standards for quality. For instance, partners must require insurance shoppers to complete a form that allows EverQuote to collect sufficient data to assign shoppers to profiles that align with common underwriting requirements. Additionally, leads sourced through VPN are sold exclusively through EverQuote (partners cannot also sell the same leads to other agents or lead providers). For more detailed questions regarding EverQuote’s partner selection process, please call (844) 707-8800 to speak with EverQuote’s Customer Success team.

  4. Can I use EverQuote to target only consumers that meet my carrier’s underwriting requirements?

    Yes! Although the platform can be utilized by agents with virtually any carrier, EverQuote works to ensure that our filters align with common underwriting requirements across the major carriers. For example, our 'Premium' auto lead best aligns with carriers whose underwriting requirements focus on homeowners with excellent driving histories and credit scores. Also, as EverQuote allows users to focus on specific zip-codes, agents can identify the geographic areas where demographics best align with their ideal customer profile and then set EverQuote Pro to deliver prospects from these areas.

    Agents can use the following filters:

    • Select the specific risk profiles you’d like to target
    • Pinpoint your territory by zip-codes
    • Identify time of day and days of week to receive leads
    • Set a daily lead cap based on your business goals

    Being able to customize these settings ensures that you stay in complete control of your budget and spend less time chasing leads and more time writing policies. We also help to optimize your account to try and meet your lead volume requests. As a result, if the zip-codes you select do not produce enough leads to meet your daily volume cap, we may still provide you with additional leads from nearby zip-codes even if they are NOT already selected in Pro. You can opt-out of receiving this additional volume via EverQuote Customer Success at (844) 707-8800

  5. What types of insurance leads does EverQuote offer?

    EverQuote offers the following product types:

    • Auto Data Leads
    • Home Data Leads
    • Life Data Leads
    • Auto Warm Transfer Calls
    • Home Warm Transfer Calls
    • Life Warm Transfer Calls

    Each product line breaks down into different 'lead types' (such as Premium, Preferred, Standard, Non-Standard, etc.), which align with common underwriting requirements. Lead types vary by product and by your individual appointments or carrier relationships. For most agents, you will have the choice of 4 types of auto leads and 4 types of auto warm transfer calls, 2 types of home leads and 2 types of home warm transfer calls, 3 types of life leads and 3 types of life warm transfer calls. For a more detailed breakdown of lead types for each product line, please give us a call at (844) 707-8800 Opt. 2 to speak with an EverQuote representative.

  6. Can I buy 'exclusive' leads?

    Yes! EverQuote does offer 'exclusive' auto and life leads for an additional cost per lead. These are provided to one agent only, meaning you have no competition for that unique consumer lead, as no other agent will have access to it through the EverQuote platform. Alternately, EverQuote’s 'shared' leads may be provided to a maximum of 3 agents, but only 1 agent per carrier (so agents are not competing with other agents from their same carrier).

    To receive 'exclusive' leads, your account must also elect to receive 'shared' leads – 'exclusive' leads will be delivered as they become available and as circumstances dictate – not every lead delivered will meet the requirements to be 'exclusive.' However EverQuote does offer 'exclusive' leads when they are available and when they meet your chosen zip-codes, hours and lead type filters.

  7. What is EverQuote’s price for leads?

    Prices vary based on the product type (auto, home, life, warm transfer), lead type (risk profile) and your eligibility for participation in the various subsidy programs.

    For more detailed information on lead pricing, and the subsidy you may qualify for, please contact us:

    tel:  (844) 707-8800 
  8. How do I receive EverQuote leads?

    EverQuote data leads are delivered to you via email or directly to your lead management system. You choose.

    For EverQuote’s auto warm transfer calls, calls can come from inbound or outbound sources. For inbound sourced calls, online insurance shoppers call our 800-number and once we’ve collected some basic information and consent, the live call is transferred directly to your phone. With outbound warm transfers, our team of operators dial each prospect, and once they are able to connect with and qualify the lead, the prospect is put on hold before being transferred to an available agent’s phone. EverQuote home warm transfer calls are currently only sourced via outbound. Whether the call was sourced via inbound or outbound, agents have 120 seconds to decide whether to keep the lead or reject it at no cost.

  9. Can more employees in my office receive lead notifications?

    Yes! You can add as many users to your EverQuote Pro account as you like. Simply go to Account > User Management to send an invitation to a new user. You can also update your user’s account setting here to give or restrict access to different features within your EverQuote Pro account.

    EverQuote Pro has three User Roles: (1) Customer Admin (2) Limited Customer Admin and (3) User, each with various levels of system access. Customer Admins control all aspects of the EverQuote Pro account, while Limited Customer Admins can pause the Account and return leads. The User role is able to view their EverQuote Pro account but can not make any changes.

  10. What Lead Management and Rating Systems does EverQuote integrate with?

    EverQuote Pro integrates with a wide variety of LMS systems and Raters and are always working to add more based on our agents' needs. For a list of current systems that integrate with Pro, please contact your EverQuote Account Manager directly or contact us at (844) 707-8800 or

  11. Can I pause my account at any time?

    Yes! EverQuote Pro accounts can be paused at any time by users with either 'Customer Admin' or 'Limited Customer Admin' user roles. You can also pause your account and set a specific time for it to resume activity. EverQuote gives you the tools to manage your account how you see fit, so you remain in complete control of your budget. In addition, Customer Admins can set specific hours of operation to ensure you receive leads only when you can work them.

  12. What is EverQuote’s cancellation policy?

    While it is our goal to make every agent we work with a long-term partner, there is no minimum period or spend when you work with us. We let our quality speak for itself; larger lead buyers tend be our most satisfied and longer-tenured customers.

    In the unlikely event you decide to stop receiving our leads, you may cancel your account immediately – no questions asked. Your unused account balance will be fully refunded unless the remaining balance consists of a non-refundable initial deposit match credit (see FAQ #14).

  13. What is EverQuote’s return policy (for example can I return leads if the contact information is invalid)?

    You can quickly process a return credit request directly through our EverQuote Pro platform, up to 30 days after the lead’s original purchase date. Returns will be accepted up to the threshold of 20% of the total leads purchased by the account during a given calendar month. Any returns beyond the 20% cap will not be accepted for any reason. Our return process is fully automated. You are able to return up to 20% of your leads over a calendar month period. You have 30 days from receiving a lead to submit it for a return. Any leads returned over 20% will be rejected at the end of the month.

    Once the returned leads are submitted they are processed automatically, with no need to call-in or email, up to the 20% threshold. Note that because the 20% threshold is calculated by the calendar month, returned leads may remain in the “Processing” status until your account purchases enough additional leads that the number of those returned falls under the 20% threshold. For example, if you purchase 10 leads on January 1st, then return 3 of those leads the same day, 2 of the returned leads will process (as they fall under the 20% threshold), while the 3rd returned lead will remain in the “Processing” status until 6 additional leads are purchased in that calendar month (at which point the 3rd returned lead would process, as it would now fall under the 20% monthly threshold).

  14. Does EverQuote offer a referral program for agents to refer their friends and colleagues?

    Yes! Current EverQuote customers can receive up to $1,000 for each new agent referred to us who ultimately becomes an EverQuote customer. EverQuote currently has two levels of referral bonuses. If you refer an agent who signs-up to receive leads with EverQuote Pro, you would receive a $250 credit added to your EverQuote Pro account. If you refer an agent who signs-up for EverQuote’s Accelerated Growth Program (AGP), you would receive a $1,000 reward via an electronic gift card.

  15. How do I refer another agent through EverQuote’s referral program?

    When you sign-up with EverQuote you can set-up an account in our referral portal. This account will help track and credit any new customer referrals that you submit.

    For a walkthrough, you can check out this partner dashboard video walkthrough, or if you want to learn on your own, check out our partner support guides.

    You can also contact your EverQuote CSM or our Support team directly at (844) 707-8800 or if you need help setting up your account.

    To submit a referral, enter their info in their PartnerStack portal. The referral is then transferred to our Sales team. If the agent ultimately signs-up for EverQuote, you will receive a referral bonus (either $250 in EverQuote credit or a $1,000 gift card depending on whether the referred agent enrolls with EverQuote AGP). Please note that referral bonuses can take up to 10 business days to process.

  16. How does EverQuote manage customer billing/payments for leads?

    EverQuote believes that you should remain in complete control of your budget. Our Pro platform operates on a ‘pay as you go’ system. Credit cards are charged a set amount (which you enter at sign-up). 

    For accounts only purchasing Data Leads: when your account balance falls to $25 or below, your credit card will be automatically charged for the initial charge amount you have specified. You will receive an email notifying you when your account balance falls to $50 or below.

    For accounts purchasing Warm Transfer Calls: when your account balance falls to $100 or below, your credit card will be automatically charged for the specific re-charge amount you have specified. You will receive an email notifying you when your account balance falls to $200 or below.

    Should you choose to cancel your account, the remainder of your account balance will be fully refunded EXCEPT in the case where EverQuote had issued a deposit match credit when the account was opened. Initial deposits which receive a match credit are non-refundable.

  17. Can I make changes to my account settings after I sign up?

    Yes! EverQuote Pro is designed to be easy to use and completely self-service. You can change your territories, lead types, lead cap, delivery settings, payment options and much more. Even though you have the ability to make these updates yourself, our Account Managers are also available to help and are specialized in selecting optimal settings based on your business needs. Contact your EverQuote Account Manager directly or call us at (844) 707-8800 and we’d be happy to help!

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