Time-Tested Tips & Real-World Scripts for P&C Agents Expanding Into Life Insurance - EverQuote

Crack the code to a lucrative new income stream: selling life insurance.

Haven’t yet figured out how to steer your client conversations to life insurance? Find out from the pros how to do it the right way.

Life insurance is an emotional topic—one that can be hard to navigate without any prior experience.

Thankfully, you don’t have to power through the awkwardness as you learn the ropes. The tried-and true scripts within this eBook reveal how experienced P&C insurance agents make their life sales.

You’ll learn:

  • Why it’s a good thing that your clients have strong emotions when it comes to life insurance
  • How to “set the mood” and get your clients thinking about life insurance even before you bring it up
  • How to segue smoothly from a home or auto insurance sale to a conversation about life insurance
  • What to say when you need to steer the conversation toward closing a sale

These scripts and helpful tips will guide you through the most common conversational sticking points.

Download the eBook here and start growing your business with life insurance sales today.