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Learn How Top Agent Carmella Larkins Works With Her EverQuote Dedicated Business Consultant To Drive Impressive Growth.

Carmella Larkins - EverQuote

Top agent Carmella Larkins visits the EverQuote offices to meet with her dedicated Customer Success Manager and discuss how partnering with us has helped grow her business.

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How Top Agents John & Kristin Pavle Powered 6 Scratch Insurance Agencies Partnering With EverQuote

John and Kristin Pavle - Agents

Learn how the Pavles closed $8.5 million in new business premium last year working with EverQuote as their business’ predictable growth engine.

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Learn how EverQuote partners with agents to drive growth

John Heep - EverQuote Case Study

John Heep

How top Farmers agent John Heep powers his business with high value, multi-line clients from EverQuote

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David Stuart

David Stuart

How EverQuote helped Independent Agent David Stuart grow his monthly premium by 535% with EverQuote's Accelerated Growth Program (AGP).

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Matthew Golden - EverQuote Case Study

Matthew Golden

How Allstate agent Matthew Golden doubled his quote and bind rates with EverQuote Home leads.

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Roger OConnell - EverQuote Case Study

Roger O’Connell

How award winning captive agent Roger O’Connell achieved a 57% increase in bind rate with EverQuote.

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Frustrated by low-quality leads that
aren't helping grow your business?

Find out how EverQuote leads are different from the rest—
and how your business can benefit from them.

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What the agents say

David Stuart

"We did $1.9 million in sales in 2020... I can
say with confidence that 95% of our business
is directly from EverQuote leads."

- David Stuart

Chandler Hahn - EverQuote-1

"EverQuote helped me reach a point where, in my first year, I was the fastest growing new agent in the State, and we were also #14 in the U.S. for new agents."

- Chandler Hahn

Matthew Golden - EverQuote Case Study

"I’m realizing just how valuable EverQuote leads are… I try to keep them on as much as possible. We’ve even talked about when we’re not going to turn them off anymore—because they are just so much better than our other leads."

- Matthew Golden

Roger OConnell - EverQuote Case Study

"With EverQuote we’re talking about real leads—people who are actually shopping for insurance and not just trying to win an iPad online."

- Roger O’Connell

Binding Inbound Leads

See how you can achieve a 16% bind rate on leads.*

Learn how to replicate the sales processes and techniques top agent Mark Jameson uses to achieve this incredible close rate across his offices.

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